My 2017

Twenty seventeen is surely a year of surprises. It has given me a lot of challenges and even conquered them without even realizing it. This year has just gone in a snap and it’s just right to give a recap of the things this year has taught me and those things I am beyond grateful.

RESPONSIBILITY. This year is my third year of becoming a full-blown breadwinner of the family. Having this great responsibility, my decisions in life are always depending whether it’ll affect my family and my budget. With three brothers going to school, one in a private university, the other in Science high school and the other in a public high school, the budget for school tuition fees and school allowances comes first in the list. Rent of the house, bills and groceries are next in line. 2017 has taught me a lot on budgeting and on putting priorities before anything else.

TRUST. Trusting my capabilities and my potentials is one of the hardest things to do this year. I always end up asking myself if I can do things, if I can achieve my goals, if I can start improving, if I can go on with life and such. But with the constant encouragement of the people dear to me, I was able to gain trust of my capabilities and even did great.

MEETING NEW PEOPLE. I’m happy to meet a lot of new people this year. From Roxanne who I only knew online but opened her house to me when I was in Manila, to my coreviewees in RGO Cebu, to Eula the GO Staff for my ToBeOne Album, to meeting some of my Japanese students, and many more to mention. This year is full of meetings and goodbyes. Indeed, a wonderful year.

FRIENDSHIP. People always thought that my friends and I are all into going out and travelling. Little did they know that we are all tested at times. I am always grateful to Edmond, Jehzeel, Alyssa, Chrisse, Misty and Dianarra for the understanding and for always being there to me and to everyone else. This year will never be complete without them.

LOVE. I learned that in order for you to be loved by others, you must love yourself first. That’s how it rolls. You must be the person you yourself want to love. You must fully accept your flaws and your insecurities in order to attract positivity and love. Love comes so easily when you’re ready for it. So right now, I don’t really rush on things especially when it comes to relationships. Let’s see what 2018 will give me.

A lot happened and a lot of lessons were learned. I am beyond thankful of all these things and will forever cherish the memories I earned this year. I’m wishing myself and everyone a prosperous year ahead, healthy life and more blessings in life.

2018, I am ready to embrace your blessings!


What’s up!

Oh, yeah. It’s odd to write something again. I don’t have any specific topics to talk about. Just the usual cynical posts. Oh yeah?

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Thirty three days before my birthday and eighty days before the exam and I’m here so unmotivated, as always. Maybe because I’m burnt out. Really. My routine is like work, work, work, sleep, work, go to school and work and a little of friends’ time. These past few months is really tough for me and I barely don’t see the before me, like the usual me. I always wanted to sleep but I’m deprived of it. I want to travel but I don’t have the money for it. I want to focus on study but I have to earn a living. I want to go somewhere peaceful so I can meditate but there’s no opportunities for me to do so. What is happening to me? Something’s really not right but I guess too much stress from working and pressure in studying are the ones to blame.

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I sometimes question myself if I really have to do these things. Why am I doing this? Who am I doing this? I have to find that right motivation seriously. But if I stop, some people will be affected too.

I’m tired.

But I have to do this.

So I’ll just remember this maybe?

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Day 89 | Road to RPm


1st of August.

I have 89 more days before the exam and I’m..

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..so I don’t know if this is really what I want.

My inner self says I should do it. So yeah!


Fangirling, Travels of Erie




I left Cebu early in the morning. I really didn’t know why I chose that flight. Hahaha. It’s too early for me. Anyway, I arrived in Manila safely. With the help of my good friends, I was able to book Grab without any hassle and in a cheaper price too. Thanks Jasmine! The Grab driver was a Boholano and so I didn’t have a hard time communicating and I had a lot of fun while on the ride. I finally met my friends who stayed in a hotel in Quezon. Yay! And so we prepare and talk about what to do in the concert.

We arrived at Araneta around 12NN. We came early to pick some concert bundles that we purchased. By 3PM, the gates were finally open. Take note guys, the weather wasn’t really cooperative today. It rained and then it stopped and rain again. The weather was really inconsistent. And worst, I got some early signs of colds which was really annoying. Sniffing is honestly annoying. 😷 But that didn’t stop me from feeling the hype. For real, EXO-Ls are really good in hyping people haha. So here’s a pose with my headband yay! #Baekhyun biased here.

Since I was located away from my friends, I was all alone in the queue. Sad but I met some new friends though! They’re really nice. Hahaha. We went together inside Araneta and I was feeling mixed emotions upon seeing the venue. It felt so surreal. Am I really here? Am I really attending a concert? Of EXO? That kind of feeling. Yes. I can’t even explain my feeling up until now. You know that feeling of happiness, fulfillment, excitement mixed all in one. I wanna cry.

And exactly 5:30PM, THE CONCERT HAS FINALLY STARTED! And here’s our not so silver ocean for EXO. ❤


The concert was really dope. The interaction of EXO members and the audience was really good. The stage slayed. The lightings too!

It’s a must to attend their concert if you really are an EXO-L. Or a casual fan of them. Being in their concert feels really great with all the audience screaming and enjoying the concert like you. 

Before I’ll end this entry, I wanna thank Jasmine Samodio, for buying my concert ticket and fpor helping me in a lot of ways. Thank you so much. And to my friends, Nerie, Minic, Shaira and Dianne eonni, thank you for letting me share a room with you guys. And for all the laughters today. Hahaha lugarrr!

EXO’rDIUM in Manila is unforgettable! I hope I still can sleep watching Baekhyun’s fancam. Drools. Good night!


You’ll Always Be the Best

“Labhi na ang naa sa bulingunan dayun timplahi ug gatas si Bibi.” (Wash all those clothes and prepare Mark’s milk afterwards.) She pointed the pile of clothes near the doorway after she put Mar, my brother, to sleep. It was the combined used clothes of the family for the whole week, thirty to forty pieces and a quarter are jeans.

“O, ma.” (Yes, mom.) I nodded but inside I was protesting and I was in anger, in great anger because I wanted to play outside. I was seven yet almost all of the chores in the house were given to me. And even baby sitting to my baby brother. I sulked and decided to do the chores because if I wouldn’t I’d end up being scolded and punished. But I was scheming for my revenge. I planned not to eat dinner. I will let them look for me and tell me to eat dinner. I will wait until my father’s gonna ask me why I am sulking and then they’ll try to comfort me. That’s my planned revenge. She never cared, that’s what I always thought. She always punishes me when I do something wrong. When my brother cries, I got the punishment. When my brother hits me, I got the punishment as well. Why was it always me?

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Diary of an Employee, Life Constantly, Randomly

Keeping Your Cool : Transacting in Gov’t Offices

Government transactions are really chaotic, messy, stressful and dramatic as how people see it. The long queuing alone won’t help you with whatever you’re abruptly needing or claiming. Going to government offices for transactions such as filing of some certificates, registration of stuffs, claiming of something, complaints and so much more is such a hassle and stressful thing to do. This is actually one of the things I hate doing but of course we don’t have a choice but to follow certain rules that the offices are implementing or else we’ll end up not having the things we need from them which unfortunately are really important.

What I notice whenever I come to government offices especially those offices which caters registrations and filings is that, most people gets impatient easily when it comes to queuing and waiting. They start to nag people, get irritated and of course some of them sometimes resort to violence, which is really the worst scenario. Waiting can be very tiring but we have to do it and we have to keep it cool folks! I’ve been waiting my whole life for the one but I have never resorted to violence hahaha kidding.

What can we do to avoid such things while we are in the queue and we’re forever waiting for our turn? Here are five tips coming from… MEH! Cue sound effects. Tantadadandadandadaaaaaaaan~~

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#Drafts2016 #Uno


I’ve felt this feeling of hopelessness two years ago. It was such a heartbreaking moment when my brother, 15 that time, decided to stop schooling. He was on top of his class before he decided to stop schooling. It began from a simple skipping then it has gotten worse and worst later on. If it was discovered earlier, if I had only monitored him well, maybe it won’t happen. But things happened. He’s now 17 and he’s back to school. He has realized his mistakes, I suppose. And I felt relieved seeing my three brothers going to school again. They are all mighty achievers and I am so proud being their sister. I may not be as expressive like the others but I am for sure the most supportive one, I guess. Watching them grow with my own eyes after my mom left us when I was just thirteen is incredible. It seems like I automatically became a mom at a very young age. I immediately have three children to bring up.

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Fangirling, Life of an Aldub Fan

#ALDUB │ Why You Need to Watch “Imagine You And Me”

So finally I had the time to chill and watch IYAM in cinema yesterday. I planned to watch the movie on its opening day but the plan was totally ruined for some reasons. Then I needed to wait for four more days to finally have some me time. And yes, YESTERDAY came and I am grateful that I went to the cinema without any second thoughts. Kya!

A lot of people (especially me) were anticipating for this movie to come out. I mean, who wouldn’t anticipate the first ever solo movie of the phenomenal love team AlDub (Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka Yaya Dub)? I am one of those fanatics who would do everything just to see every movie they’ll have, I guess. HAHAHA.

Anyway, to make this commentary sensible, I went inside the cinema alone but I didn’t expect that the accommodation of my co-fans would be that great. Amazing. We barely know each other but we screamed and cried like we were together for years. One of the amazing things you’ll experience once you’re in this fandom. Pak ganern!

Here are the things to look forward of seeing in the movie. No to spoilers pa eh! We’ll wait until the #TeamAbroad can watch it. Ganern talaga! Regine wooh!

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Twenty third of June

So much happened this past few days. I kept tracking the performances of my brothers in school despite being busy in my full time work and so with my part time work. I haven’t had the right meals or even drink plenty of water for a week now. I feel like my life is just inside the box and nothing particular is making sense aside from the fact that I still get four hours of sleep and I still have time to check and update my FB, to which I am still thankful of. At least I feel like a hand is out in the open space.

Planning on taking Masters brought too much excitement to me. Who wouldn’t? But with this excitement, the anxiety is bigger on the picture. I don’t know why I feel too anxious on going to graduate school. I know that it’ll be a challenge for me to enroll in a graduate school and that I must do my best to finish it, yet there’s something inside me that feels it isn’t right. Maybe because knowing the amount and the effort I need to invest in going to grad school, my system has just rejected the thought pf me going to grad school. I am pretty thankful though that some good people are readily encouraging me from time to time about going. It’s just my thoughts that’s stopping me from doing so. I can do it. See? I’ve got this unending “what ifs” in mind up until now. I am so full of “what ifs” that it already controlled my whole thinking. Sometimes I wish not to overthink things.